Antonio La Fauci was born on Vancouver Island, B.C., CanadaFrom an early age, Toni, as he’s known to his friends, had an irrepressible urge to explore the art of photography, and waste countless rolls of perfectly good film. He spent many childhood hours studying the nature of film and exposures, constantly experimenting with lighting and different subjects, before eventually focusing on his first photographic passion, skatepark photography.

His fascinations soon propelled him to venture into other subject matter, and soon led him to a term assisting the widely respected and extremely talented Lionel Deluy, in Venice Beach, California, as well as Haruki “Harookz” Noguchi in Vancouver, a leading photographer in the mountain bike industry – experiences that continue to influence the work Antonio does today.

Now working full-time as a professional photographer, Antonio’s talents have made him a sought after photographer for a diverse list of projects and clients. In the past few years he has worked for Red Bull, Tegan & Sara, Norco, Shimano, Cascadia Board Co., Media One Multimedia, and Sitka to name a few. He has also shot for dozens of restaurants, graphic design companies, construction companies, and a large selection of other projects and clients looking for Toni’s unique skill and eye. Co-owner alongside close friend Dean Azim of CinderBloc Studio, a dedicated photo studio housing Victoria’s largest natural light softbox, Toni is now exploring new areas of the trade. He hopes to continue his exploration and bring his work to a larger audience locally and abroad.

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